Digital Transformation

Build digital capabilities, business agility, and continuous improvement across your organization. Empower your workforce with the skills and mindset to deliver stellar customer experiences.

70% of digital transformations Fail.

What are the root causes?

Talent deficit
Digital capabilities are not ramped up across the organization from the get-go. Employee enablement is seen as an afterthought or limited to one-off training sessions.
Fear of change
Employees feel alienated from the very tools that were designed to enhance their work. That’s when resentment, apathy, and the proverbial “resistance to change” manifest.

Lack of velocity

User adoption grinds to a halt without responsive, nimble content development. Training content should be planned and deployed early – without waiting for IT.

Our Solution

Immersive, scenario-based learning experiences

Lightning-fast content updates

Self-paced training available online 24/7

End-to-end user adoption

How Assima helps you unlock success in digital transformations

Empower users to work in new ways

Increase digital literacy of your workforce through immersive, practical, and highly engaging learning experiences. Make your core applications feel just like any day-to-day tool: intuitive, interactive, and life-enhancing.

Win employee buy-in at all levels
Our simulations will “wow” employees, SMEs, and management alike. It’s a great way to engage skeptics and convincingly demonstrate the impact of your ideas to stakeholders.
Stay one step ahead of evolving technology

With Assima, training reflects the latest changes even before live application updates. Improve business agility by simulating upcoming features and continuously updating lessons from a single source file.

Simplify your IT infrastructure

Assima eliminates the need to build and maintain dedicated training environments. Your IT operations become more agile, flexible, and efficient – accelerating your digital transformation projects.

Foster a culture of continuous learning

Empower users to constantly upskill with self-paced learning, learning at the point of need, and performance support. This creates engaged, confident employees who fully support transformation.

Improve your processes continuously

Our Digital Adoption Platform embeds a steady stream of improvements around every user interaction. Reduce the risk of errors, improve data quality, and free your staff to concentrate on higher-value work.

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Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Employee onboarding

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

Frequent software updates

Stay one step ahead of the pace of change

Software rollout

Enhance your training with a Digital Adoption Platform

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