Build A Resilient, Happy, And Future-Ready Workforce

Assima is designed to help HR and People Ops teams deliver empowering training on any enterprise software to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Meet The #1 Systems Training Platform For Savvy Employee Experience Leaders

Employees are your organization’s most important asset. We’re here to help you empower them with the digital skills needed to thrive and design training & work to make everyone feel present, engaged, and connected to your company’s mission.

Boost Engagement With Empowering Learning Experiences

Deliver hyper-realistic simulations of any enterprise software so that employees have a safe environment to practice, make mistakes and build confidence.

Onboard newcomers and upskill current employees in record time by providing everyone with the skills they need to perform at their full potential.

Smooth Out Adoption For Both People
And Processes

An informed workforce is an engaged workforce. From frequent updates to software implementations, Assima helps you drive adoption by ensuring mastery of your most important technologies across every role and department.

Prove Your Impact To Stakeholders

Use our hyper-granular tracking to understand software usage across applications so you can focus on results-oriented employee experience and retention strategies.

Show stakeholders how a strong learning culture, employee engagement, and training are connected to the organization’s strategy, and ultimately, the bottom line metrics.

Create A Top-Notch, Loyal Workforce

To retain talent, you have to take care of talent. Learning experiences created with Assima have consistently been rated as not only head and shoulder above the status quo – but a reason for higher levels of confidence, job satisfaction, and performance for the world’s largest companies.

See How Assima Can Help You Become a Proactive Force That Delivers Business Results