Remote Training

Onboard remote users faster and reduce training costs with repeatable, hyper-realistic simulations available online 24/7.

Assima’s approach to remote training

Immersive, scenario-based learning experiences

Lightning-fast content

Self-paced training available
online 24/7

Train remote users faster with life-like simulations

Keep remote users engaged with simulations that feel and react like your live system. With a safe environment to practice and make mistakes, users gain hands-on experience from anywhere – without any risk to your customers or confidential data. Lessons are accessible online at any time via our platform or your LMS.

Deliver scalable, consistent virtual training

Deliver simulations with the same scenario and data to thousands of learners simultaneously. No need for separate logins, dummy data, or data refreshes. Deliver virtual training that’s perfectly consistent, faster.

Empower employees to become self-sufficient

Provide users with prompts and guidance within your application. Users receive the answers they need, continuously on-the-job. No need to depend on colleagues or call the help desk.

Make sure every user masters your processes

Guarantee every remote user retains the right information and applies it correctly every day. With Assima, you can track actions and content usage in real-time – down to every click and input field.

Lower training costs

Systems training with Assima requires no sandbox. Interactive simulations can be created, deployed, and updated at a fraction of the cost, time, and maintenance workload compared to using training clients.

Simply “converting” your training for remote work is not enough.

Learn how to transform it.

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Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Employee onboarding

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

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Stay one step ahead of the pace of change

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Enhance your training with a Digital Adoption Platform

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Enhance your training with a Digital Adoption Platform

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Unlock the full potential of your enterprise applications

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