Support for Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) is coming to an end.
Oracle announced that Premier support will only extend to December 2022. No further development or major feature releases will follow their 12.1 version. Businesses are now scrambling to find a replacement and retain years of investment they put into their training material.

Assima offers you something better.

Not just an Oracle UPK alternative, but a complete upgrade.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What you should look for in a perfect User Productivity Kit (UPK) alternative
  • Why Assima is not only a UPK replacement, it’s a game-changer
  • Static screenshot vs hyper-realistic simulation
  • How to migrate your existing UPK content to Assima in minutes

What would the perfect Oracle UPK alternative look like?

– Provides not just a facelift, but a paradigm shift in the quality of your training.
– Reduces dramatically the need for re-recording lessons, making content maintenance a lot easier.
– A holistic solution that includes both authoring tool and performance support.
– Mitigates risk through all phases of your project lifecycle by replacing your training client and keeping your content free of confidential data.
– Drives end user adoption at scale.
– Continuous and long term support.
– Streamlined migration path for your UPK content.

What makes Assima an ideal upgrade from UPK?

It replaces static screenshots with hyper-realistic simulations.

What’s the number one problem with static screenshots? Answer: updating content is very time-consuming. Say an instructional designer tries to record someone entering a text string into an input field. That takes captures for the before picture, the action that triggers the transition and the aftermath. If simply entering a string of text in an input field takes multiple screenshots…imagine what it’s like for entire processes or hundreds of lessons.

That’s right. The problem compounds exponentially. Result: an unmanageable amount of screenshots that gets harder and harder to maintain. Every time there’s an update or a mistake to fix, you have to re-record your entire process flow from scratch.

You have to retake screenshots…
…go back to every screenshot…
…and edit them one by one.

This represents a colossal waste of time.

How do I free myself from static screenshots?
Assima’s 4x patented technology does things differently. Instead of taking static screenshots, our solution captures your application screens as editable objects. This results in a hyper-realistic simulation of your application’s processes.
Unlike screenshots, this creates a truly interactive learning experience. End users train in a guided simulation that looks and feels like the real thing. They can click, scroll, and interact with it just like your live application.
The difference in realism is night and day.
Plus, instructional designers can edit anything end-users see without any risk to your production system or confidential data.
And just like UPK’s authoring tool, Assima can generate content in multiple formats including:
– Training Environment Replacement
– Multiple Simulation Outputs
– Process Documentation

See our 4x patented technology in action

Six benefits of our patented technology

Deliver the most true to life learning experience

Employees benefit from a focused, consistent, and immersive learning experience and become proficient quickly before go-live.

Update content in minutes
Stop taking a ton of screenshots and painstakingly updating every slide. Take a few screen captures and update your content in minutes. This ensures the training stays up-to-date and relevant.
Create content before your system is 100% ready
Create content early in the project lifecycle such as the UAT phase. This extends the window of time to train end-users.

Unlock substantial savings by replacing your training client

Our hyper-realistic simulations replace the need for an expensive, risky and hard to maintain training client. This saves time, money and headaches for your IT department.
Anonymize lessons in one go
Our unique anonymization feature lets you replace your sensitive captured data with safe, risk-free training data in one go. This ensures that all of your learning materials are completely free of any PHI/PII data.
Create content in multiple languages without recapture
Capture processes in one language and generate them in any other language quickly and easily. This greatly speeds up international system rollouts.

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Faster onboarding time

What makes Assima the most complete solution to replace UPK?

Assima isn’t just an authoring or an in-app guidance tool. Our solution combines both training and performance support into one.

It covers your entire user adoption and project lifecycle.

Assima has the unique ability to follow both users and applications through change and growth. Our solution can insert itself at any point in your training cycle, whether you’re going through a major update or a new application rollout.
Assima’s authoring tool lets you create content before go-live and scale training swiftly. What happens after go-live?

It gives employees the ability to:

– Find any documentation in seconds.
– Complete tasks autonomously from A to Z without getting stuck on unfamiliar tasks.
– Navigate your system confidently, assured that critical inputs are reviewed and instantly double-checked.
– Learn from their mistakes by being reminded of best practices.

This unique combination of upfront training and performance support creates a seamless transition between software training, day-to-day user performance and business enhancements.

What makes Assima the most complete solution to replace UPK?


Users gain hands-on experience with hyper-realistic simulations right from the start. This accelerates speed to competency and reduces learning gaps even on software with the most complex learning curve. By having end users develop a solid baseline familiarity with your tools, your business is positioned to leverage its applications for maximum impact.


Finally, employees are not only autonomous and proficient, they become contributors to create a high-performance organization. They’ve learned the intricacies of your processes in such depth that they can proactively suggest improvements. This improves your process efficiency and maximizes your technology investment.

Tie it all together by guaranteeing every user mastered your processes

Assima lets you track what users are doing right and wrong in granular detail – down to every click and input field. What’s more, you can track content usage: what’s being viewed, clicked, message pop-ups etc. This lets you reinforce best practices and pinpoint where day to day operations could be improved.
Bottom line: Assima is ultimately a business-enhancer, not a mere training tool.
The ultimate outcomes are boosting user productivity, ensuring peak efficiency long term and maximizing your applications ROI.

How to migrate your existing UPK content to Assima in minutes

We’ve created a streamlined migration path for you to import UPK source lessons into our solution.
You can use Assima’s authoring tool to create content, then export and publish it in your current LMS. If you don’t have an LMS or if you wish to use Assima to publish and access content, that’s perfectly fine too. Your published material can be accessed by users via a standalone web player, or through your existing LMS.
What is the conversion process?

The conversion takes a UPK Try IT! mode, imports it into Assima’s authoring platform – and from that you can generate Assima training modes for learning and process guidance.

An average length UPK simulation of 30 frames, takes just a few seconds to convert to Assima. An average project of 100 UPK simulations can be done within an hour.

Yes. Assima offers the same simulation output modes with different names. See it, Try it, Do it, match to Demo and Guided Practice. You also get guidance modes, User Manual, Online Help and Synopsis in HTML or PDF format to support your business process needs, as well as a Task Assistant mode support you in-application.

Assima isn’t just an alternative for UPK. It’s a complete upgrade.