ASML Creates thousands of training modules up to 50% faster for SAP and homegrown applications

CHU Montpellier

CHU Montpellier Replaced 3 hours of classroom training by 40 minutes of distance learning


npower Saved £3 million with Assima in SAP training cost

Global Airline

Global Airline Saves over £630,000 by optimizing training flights

Canadian Bank

Canadian Bank Trained 2,500 users on SAP and saved $3 million training cost

Dutch Retailer

Dutch Retailer Saved $600,000 on a major SAP rollout support


Zuyderland Trained 2,500 nurses on SAP

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Trains 130,000 users with Assima and reduces training cost by 30%

Plan International

Plan International Achieved cost savings and workforce efficiency with online SAP training delivered to thousands of employees across 53 countries