Assima helps you upskill and reskill employees faster, reduce training costs, and streamline system rollouts.

Maximize ROI of your core systems

Retailers must provide shoppers with a safe, positive, and seamless shopping experience online and offline. This rests on a strong foundation – employee capabilities. Assima helps you deliver impactful systems training and performance support so you can smooth out operations and deliver higher quality service.

Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

The impact of Assima on retailers

Onboard users in record time

Assima boasts the most realistic simulations available in the market. With a safe environment to practice, experiment, and make mistakes, users get up to speed faster. Staff can work productively on new systems from day one – minimizing the impact of employee churn.

Easily update training based on local differences

Assima lets you localize entire lessons, including screens, data, and instructions in multiple languages in just a few clicks. Plus, training can be adapted for different departments or groups of users without rework.

Standardize processes across your supply chain

Maintain content exponentially faster than traditional e-learning. With always up-to-date training and in-app guidance, everyone follows the same processes and best practices across all aspects of your operations – no matter the role or location.

Gain full visibility of employee performance

Our tracking and analytics provide an auditable record of employee’s progress through the training exercises. Identify skill gaps and guarantee that everyone across your organization gains the skills they need.

Replace expensive sandboxes

With Assima, there is no need for stand-alone training systems, which means substantial savings in hardware and maintenance costs. Software simulations and lessons can be developed, updated, and localized at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional e-learning.

Why not schedule a personalized demo?

We’d be delighted to show you how Assima helps retailers onboard users faster and increase productivity. Our Client Partners will personalize the presentation to focus on how Assima can help you achieve your goals.