Assima helps you train users faster, optimize your supply chain and deliver stellar customer service.

Maximize ROI of your core systems

Increasing competition is pressuring manufacturers to capture every ounce of value that arises from digitalization. Firms armed with the right digital capabilities will stay on top. By leveraging Assima’s systems training and performance support, you can deliver impactful and consistent end-user training globally.

Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Deliver consistent training at scale across international teams

Onboard users in record time

With Assima simulations, employees can input data, search for information, and complete transactions just as they would in the live applications – helping them learn by doing, with no risk to the live system.

Multiple languages from one single source

Localize screens, data, and instructions in multiple languages from a single source file. Use one set of lessons to meet local language needs – without rework or the need to develop, host, and maintain multiple systems.

Standardize processes across your supply chain

Maintain content based on centralized processes exponentially faster than traditional e-learning. With just one set of simulation outputs, your training is standardized, accurate and up to date, wherever trainees are located.

Reduce training costs

Assima eliminates the need for multiple training clients, which means less hardware and maintenance costs. And with only one set of exercises to update when changes are made to the live applications, costs drop down even more.

“We have done a lot of training over the years but never at this volume and speed. I don’t know of another tool besides Assima that would allow us to develop quality systems training this quickly.”

Applied Industrial Technologies

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