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With Assima’s systems training platform, make SAP users proficient on day one, reduce training costs, improve data quality, and speed up your S/4HANA migration.

Introducing the most immersive and cost-effective SAP training

Assima is the world’s only platform that can create hyper-realistic simulations from live systems, plus anonymize, translate, and update content without rework – saving you time and maximizing the ROI of your technology investments.

Keep SAP training ahead of the pace of change

Assima creates extremely editable simulations of your ECC or S/4HANA system. Unlike screenshot tools, you can update your training assets without recapturing entire process flows and editing screens one by one – saving you up to 90% of the workload and keeping training in lock-step with your live system.

Onboard users faster with hyper-realistic simulations

Assima recreates your SAP UI down to the most minute detail. Users can click, scroll, enter data into fields – just like they would in the real system. This provides an immersive and safe training environment for users to practice, learn from their mistakes, and master business processes.

Replace your expensive SAP training client

SAP training clients are an “ROI tax”. Scheduled refreshes, time wasted on plugging dummy data, IT interventions – it all inflate your training costs. Assima does away with all of that. You can train users at scale without the costs, time, and complexity of creating, maintaining, and integrating training clients.

Speed up S/4HANA migrations and drive adoption

With Assima, you can start building training materials early in the project lifecycle without worrying about rework. By creating content at the UAT stage, you’re ensuring training is complete before go-live, and extending the window of opportunity to train users.

The world’s best SAP Enable Now alternative.

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Create high-impact training in record time

“We’ve saved £3 million by replacing our SAP training client with Assima, and that figure doesn’t even account for the fact that training is faster and more efficient.”

Andy Hurren,
Head of Learning

£3 million

saved in training costs

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