New Software Rollout

Deliver cost-effective systems training, support users after go-live get maximum ROI on your technology investment.

Our unique approach

Assima has a solution: a patented authoring tool

Together, they create a seamless transition between systems training, day-to-day performance, and business enhancements that put your company on the road to maximize ROI on its technology investment.

Interactive simulations

Deliver hands-on experience without risking your customers and confidential data.

Contextual help

Ensure users work at peak efficiency by providing answers continuously on-the-job.

How Assima streamlines software rollouts and reduces costs across your organization

Make users proficient on day 1

Provide a fully interactive, risk-free environment for users to practice, build confidence, and make mistakes. Once in the live version, muscle memory kicks in. No one wastes time overwhelmed with your applications.

Create content before go live

Assima allows you to capture application screens from any system – even unfinished ones. Extend the window of time to train users by creating content early in the project lifecycle, such as the UAT phase.

Localize user interface in multiple languages

Speed up international system roll-outs by translating not just the instructions in your lessons but entire user interfaces in any language.

Replace your sandbox

Assima frees you from the risks, costs, and headaches of maintaining a dedicated training environment. No more time wasted creating dummy data and performing data refreshes.

Maintain content exponentially faster

Keep training up to date as your system evolves by recapturing screens from your live system, editing directly on screen, and applying updates to all lessons in a few clicks.

Empower users to become self-sufficient

Assima’s Digital Adoption Platform provides step-by-step guidance and notifies users of changes at the point of need. Employees perform at their best without calling the help desk or depending on colleagues.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Results are based on case studies with Fortune 500 companies ranging from hospital networks to banks, utilities to telcos.

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Faster content delivery
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Here’s what our clients are saying

“We’ve saved £3 million by replacing our SAP training client with Assima, and that doesn’t even account for the fact that training is faster and more efficient.”

Andy Hurren, Head of Learning at Npower

“Assima is helping us reduce time spent on training by 3,455 days a year, which adds up to an annual cost saving of almost £300,000.”
Krissie Owen, Learning and Development Partner at RSA
“Engie was able to significantly reduce the overall cost of the training with Assima, which would have cost up to €1 million using traditional training clients.”

Siegried Jankowski, Training Team Manager at Engie

Drive digital adoption across the entire user journey with Assima

Employee onboarding

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

Frequent software updates

Stay one step ahead of the pace of change

Performance Support

Enhance your training with a digital assistant

Digital Transformation

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise applications

Find out how Assima delivers impact fast – see it in action.