Maximize ROI of your core systems

Banks and financial services organizations need to reduce operational costs while complying with ever-evolving regulations. This hinges on the adoption of digital capabilities by end-users. Assima helps you deliver secure systems training and performance support so that every employee is as proficient as possible – as quickly as possible.

Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Deliver powerful systems training without any risk to your customers

Make users proficient on day one

Assima’s simulations perfectly mirror the functionalities of your live core systems. Users can experiment with different controls, use drop-down menus, and get hands-on experience without any risk to your live system. Employees build skills and confidence quickly and are prepared to work with the new system from day one.

Replace PII data with risk-free data

Proprietary data such as customer names, addresses, and account numbers can be mass replaced from your training material with risk-free data in just a few clicks.

Increase business agility with lightning-fast content updates

Assima makes content maintenance exponentially faster than screenshot-based tools by providing the option to capture application screens from any system and edit them directly. Your training stays one step ahead of software updates – ensuring users always practice with the latest features.

Keep up with changes in regulations and compliance

With Assima’s Digital Adoption Platform, you can notify end users of changes in regulations, compliance, processes, application updates – at the point of need.

Drastically reduce training costs

Assima eliminates the need for multiple training clients, which means less hardware and maintenance costs. In addition, delivering training modules centrally instead of hosting them on distributed hardware servers increases system security.

Check out our webinar made specifically for the banking and finance industry

In this executive fireside conversation, Padma Chukka, Director of FS Cloud Ecosystem at IBM, joins Riz Khaliq, Assima’s CEO, to discuss the ramifications of digital transformation in finance and key considerations for stakeholders.

“Today, we have more customer-facing staff available than we had six months ago thanks to the speed and efficiency of Assima’s solution. This is having a positive impact on our customers’ experience – reducing their waiting times and giving them access to capable, knowledgeable staff.”

Krissie Owen, Learning and Development Partner at RSA

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