Make Your Customers Realize The Full Value Of Your Software, Faster

Deliver always up-to-date training assets no matter how complex your solutions are or how often they are updated. Localize content at scale in any language 90% faster while reducing training costs by 80%.

We Know What You’re Thinking

I need my training content:

I’ve tried Storyline/Captivate before but it can only handle generic content. And sandboxes are expensive to maintain. How can I make this happen?

Welcome to Assima

Our 4x patented cloning technology allows you to deliver hyper-realistic simulations of any software. Unlike every other solution on the market, Assima doesn’t create screenshots, we create editable clones. Your training can be updated, translated, and anonymized in a few clicks and continuously as your software evolves.

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Faster to localize training content in any language

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Less rework for every new software update

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Costs reduction compared to a dedicated training environment

How It Works

With Assima, you can create safe environments for employees to practice, makes mistakes, and master business processes. Users can click, scroll, use dropdown menus, enter data into fields just like they would in the real system.


Recreate Entire Processes In One Capture

Click through processes in your software and all the screen data is automatically sent to the Assima platform for editing. Instead of multiple separate captures, every step in a screen is captured in one go.


Edit Anything At Will

Every object on screen can be resized, moved, deleted, copied & pasted. Change colors, text, buttons, fields – anything your users see and apply them automatically across screens.


Publish Lessons On Any LMS

Create lessons as SCORM files and instantly synchronize updates from the Assima platform by uploading a dynamic link to your LMS.

So What Does This Mean For You?

Remove The Need For Training Environments

Unlock substantial savings by creating simulations that grant your users the realism of a dedicated training environment, except without the maintenance and frustrating data refreshes.

Keep Training In Synch With Your Product Updates

Maintain your training content exponentially faster as your products evolve. Train your employees, partners, and customers on the latest features every time to speed up adoption.

Empower Your Customers To Customize Training For Their Processes

Forget creating custom content from scratch for each customer. Assima lets them go beyond generic training and easily adapt it to their unique processes.

Get Your Own Live Demo

Assima is the most efficient way for software compagnies to get immersive and up-to-date training in the hands of their customers, employees and partners.

Walmart, Amazon, Airbnb, Toyota, Bank of America, Blue Yonder and over 100 of the world’s largest companies use Assima.

If you’d like to see it in action, have questions about features or want to join the Assima Partnership Ecosystem, book a demo today.