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Jamf + Assima = Faster, Better, and More Effective Learning Experiences

Jamf and Assima are hosting a webinar on effective Apple device management and training. The event will showcase innovative learning techniques used by top organizations in various sectors such as businesses, schools, and hospitals.

How We Trained 10 000 Employees Across 21 Banks on New Core Applications

One of Denmark’s largest IT houses had to train 10 000 users on 3 core applications across 21 banks. Director of Business Process & Implementation Luise Larsø Jensen spearheaded a transformational program designed to improve business outcomes through better training.

Accelerating banking transformation in 2021 and beyond

From cloud adoption to AI, digital transformation in banking involves new core systems, applications, and processes.

How can this shift be accomplished in the context of fulfilling regulatory compliance, security, and resiliency requirements? How can business leaders, partners, and employees evolve to become transformation-ready?

How we trained hospital staff to adopt a new core healthcare application

A large hospital in the Netherlands had to train 2500 users with no time to spare. While facing tight deadlines, budget cuts, and skeptics, project leader Dian Webbink and her team reimagined and rebuilt training to be far more relevant and engaging for users.

Retailers: Are your people, processes, and tech fully integrated?

The world of retail is facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform and rewrite the rules. That will require new tech and new ways of working.

See the world’s most powerful simulation authoring tool in action

Assima is the most effective way to create and maintain hyper-realistic simulations for software training.

A cut above the rest: Create superior learning experiences using hyper-realistic simulations

The word “simulation” is used very loosely in the e-learning space. That label often describes glorified PowerPoint presentations that give off the illusion of interactivity, without real consideration of how effective they are for users’ learning retention.

Systems Process Training: Reducing Cost and Improving End-user Performance

Companies spend Millions in new applications deployment.

But how do you guarantee your application ROI ? How do you ensure user adoption?