Employee Onboarding

Onboard thousands of users up to 50% faster than standard e-learning with the most realistic simulations in the market.

Make users proficient on day 1

With Assima, users practice with simulations that look and feel like the real thing. Training is hands-on and perfectly mirrors real-life scenarios. Your processes become second nature in no time. Once live, employees perform without hesitation

“Because the Assima simulations are exact copies of the live application, staff are building their skills and confidence in the new system very quickly.”

Faster onboarding time
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Deliver consistent, scalable virtual training

Train thousands of learners with the same scenario, same data – at the same time. No risk of duplicate entries, no need for separate logins, sandboxes, dummy data, or data refreshes.

Eliminate risks of costly mistakes

Training users in a live system is extremely risky: confidential information being exposed, real transactions processed by mistake, etc. With Assima, users are free to explore, practice, and make mistakes without any risk.

“Because everyone trained on Assima simulations and could also access them online at any time, users could work perfectly well with the new CRM tools from the very first day. We had no disruption to our normal processes and no lost productivity.”

Faster onboarding time
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Lower training costs

Unlock substantial savings by removing the need for dedicated training environments. Training content can be created, deployed, and updated at a fraction of the cost, time and maintenance workload compared to using training clients.

Drive digital adoption across the entire user journey with Assima

Software Rollout

Enhance your training with a Digital Adoption Platform

Frequent Software Updates

Stay one step ahead of the pace of change

Performance Support

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

Digital Transformation

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise applications

Discover how Assima can help you onboard 50% faster and reduce costs