Assima for learning & development

Deliver Business Results with Hyper-Realistic Simulations

Assima has everything you need to deliver the most impactful learning experiences for any enterprise software, get rid of mindless rework, reduce costs, and more.

Meet the #1 Systems Training Platform for Elite L&D Teams

Learning leaders have been unsung heroes for far too long. We’re here to help you deliver learning experiences that increase growth & profitability, foster productivity virtually, and get the recognition you deserve.

Maximize Retention and Engagement with Jaw-dropping Learning Experiences

Deliver simulations that give your learners the true look and feel of any enterprise software – even custom applications. Provide a safe environment to practice, make mistakes, and experiment.

Because your training is indistinguishable from a real system, any business processes become second nature in no time. Once live, muscle memory kicks in, people perform without hesitation.

Update Training Material Without Hours of Manual Work

Modify colors, text, buttons, fields – anything your users see in seconds and apply changes automatically across screens. Never start from scratch again whenever there’s an update or mistake. Reduce rework by 90% versus screenshot tools.

Reduce Costs For Your Company

Remove the need to configure and maintain training environments. Reduce IT interventions, drive bottom-line results, and delight stakeholders.

Stay Ahead of Frequent Updates

Use our patented object-level editing feature to reflect updates in your training even before your production environment is complete. Create lessons from systems under development and make rapid changes so you can easily meet deadlines, reduce dependency on IT and increase training time for your teams.

Gain Actionable Insights and Prove Your Impact

Track actions and content usage in real-time – down to every click and input field. Use data-driven insights to support your decision-making. Build analytics into all your L&D programs and tie learning metrics to business outcomes.

“Assima is the most powerful, full-featured software on the market for capturing business processes and placing them in the hands of your people. I’ve never seen support in any company like I saw working with Assima.”

Michael Kuntz,

Global eLearning Manager

Unique Features That Save L&D Thousands of Hours

Total Language Localizer

Localize entire lessons including the user interface, data, and instructions in any language without re-recording or sandboxes in your target languages. Eliminate thousands of hours of rework and speed up international system rollouts.

One-Click Anonymization

Replace sensitive data across lessons with risk-free data in a few clicks. Rest easy knowing that all your learning material is free of PHI/PII data and compliant with privacy laws.

Object-Level Editing

Every object on your screen can be resized, moved, deleted, copied & pasted. You can change colors, text, buttons, fields - anything your users see. Changes are automatically applied across screens.

See How Assima Can Help You Become a Proactive Force That Delivers Business Results