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No other solution in the industry delivers ROI as fast. And we’ve been doing it consistently for the world’s largest companies for 20 years while meeting the highest security standards. Find out how.

Meet The #1 Systems Training Platform For IT & Business Leaders Obsessed With Results

Engagement, training, adoption, transformation…it all has to ultimately translate to bottom-line metrics. We’ve helped the world’s largest organizations succeed in digital transformation, future-proof their workforce and reduce costs & complexity. And we’ve got the results to prove it.

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A 20-Year Track Record No One Can Match

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Deliver The Most Secure And Impactful Learning Experiences

Eliminate the risks of training in a live environment by creating hyper-realistic simulations of any enterprise
software – even homegrown applications. 

Your teams can use our One-Click Anonymization feature to replace all sensitive information across your assets in a few clicks so you can protect your customers data and meet privacy laws.

Unlock Massive Savings By Replacing Your IT Training Environments

Simulations built with Assima grant your employees the realism of a training environment while saving you the time and costs of configuration, maintenance, creating dummy data, data refreshes etc.

Our clients have saved upwards of $3,000,000 by replacing their dedicated training environments.

Keep Up Stay Ahead of The Pace of Change

Assima is the world’s only solution that lets your teams safely update training before your production environment is complete – so your workforce has time to fully adopt new business processes and never plays catch up with frequent software updates.

Create A Top-Notch, Loyal Workforce

To retain talent, you have to take care of talent. Learning experiences created with Assima have consistently been rated as not only head and shoulder above the status quo – but a contributor for higher
levels of confidence, job satisfaction, and performance for the world’s largest companies.

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