Healthcare Institution

Assima helps you train users without disrupting work, keep up with regulations and compliance, and deliver better patient care.

Train staff while ensuring seamless patient experience

Hospitals are a 24/7 operation. Doctors and nurses are overwhelmed enough as it is. Every hour spent training is an hour not spent helping patients. Assima helps you deliver systems training and performance support so that staff gets the training they need without disrupting patient care.

Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Ensure full adoption of your core healthcare systems

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

Assima’s simulations feel and behave exactly like your live application, providing a fully interactive, realistic training experience. By spending less time training, your staff can focus on providing better patient care. From call center agents to neurosurgeons, Assima builds mastery for every user regardless of experience or job role.

Easily sanitize PHI data from your training

Replace sensitive patient data in lessons with risk-free data in a few clicks. Rest easy knowing that your training is compliant with healthcare industry regulations for data protection and management.

Keep up with changes in regulations and compliance

With every system update, Assima lets you maintain training content exponentially faster than traditional e-learning. Reflect the latest processes, regulations, and functionalities in your training – without waiting for IT to update your live system.

Assist staff on-the-job with our Digital Adoption Platform

Provide users with prompts and guidance within your application. Without missing a beat, users search for information, follow step-by-step guides, and go on with their tasks. Employees are informed of the latest changes without stopping their work or retraining.

Reduce medical errors

Assima’s performance support tool instantly double-checks customer medical, billing details, and other critical inputs against a range of databases.

“Because the Assima simulations are exact copies of the live application, nurses are building their skills and confidence in the new system very quickly. As a result, the migration has been completely transparent to patients, who received excellent care throughout.”

Faster onboarding time
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