Stay one step ahead of live application updates

Whenever there’s a change in the live system, content developers must wait for production, testing, or sandbox systems to be updated before training reflects the latest development. Assima eliminates the time lag between training and IT.

Create content from any system – even unfinished ones.

Capture application screens from any system, then edit anything on screen. This makes training sandboxes obsolete.

Go beyond your live system’s capabilities

Simulate upcoming features in your lessons and deliver training before they go live.

“When a new version of the live system is released, we capture new clones, allowing training exercises to be updated quickly and effectively. This eliminates the need to make manual changes in multiple dedicated training environments, delivering significant time, and cost savings.”

Reduction in training costs
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Maintain content exponentially faster

Every time there’s a minute change, content developers are forced to reinvent the wheel. Screenshot-based tools force them to recapture and edit screenshots – one by one. With Assima, you can recapture from your live system, edit directly on screen, and apply updates to all your lessons in a few clicks.

“With Assima, we can keep training up to date by recapturing clones of the live app – we never have to rewrite content from scratch.”

Faster content delivery
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Reduce retraining and helpdesk calls

Our Digital Adoption Platform keeps everyone up-to-date on new software updates, regulations, compliance requirements, process changes – at the point of need.

Drive digital adoption across the entire user journey with Assima

Employee onboarding

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

Software rollout

Enhance your training with a Digital Adoption Platform

Performance Support

Enhance your training with a digital assistant

Digital Transformation

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise applications

Discover how Assima reduces content maintenance workload by 90%