How we trained hospital staff to adopt a new core healthcare application

A large hospital in the Netherlands had to train 2500 users with no time to spare. While facing tight deadlines, budget cuts, and skeptics, project leader Dian Webbink and her team reimagined and rebuilt training to be far more relevant and engaging for users.

Follow Dian’s journey, as she recounts the obstacles she faced, what she would have done differently, what worked and what didn’t, and tactics for successful project implementation.

This session is a must-attend for project managers, training managers, instructional designers, learning managers, implementation experts, and  change managers in all industries where system user adoption is critical.

In this video webinar, you will learn:

Best practice for rolling out training methods in hospitals.

 How to face barriers to change, engage skeptics, and find common ground for changing cynical mindsets.

How to convince your Board on a major software investment using a solid business case.

How to create a training project plan adapted to your organisation’s unique structures and culture.

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