Jamf + Assima = Faster, Better, and More Effective Learning Experiences

Join leading experts from Jamf and Assima as they unveil groundbreaking strategies for effective Apple device management and training in 2023. Discover how top organizations are harnessing innovative learning techniques for businesses, schools, and hospitals. Dive into the transformation journey from faster content creation to realistic training experiences that drive user engagement and comprehension. This webinar offers actionable insights into contemporary program setup, architecture, and tech synergies crucial for forward-thinking institutions.

In this webinar, we’ll unfold:

  • Pioneering strategies employed by Jamf, aided by Assima, to transition from passive to active learning, fostering greater engagement and comprehension among users.
  • Concrete approaches to validate to stakeholders the transformative potential and business advantages of this new training paradigm, emphasizing a shift towards a more immersive learning culture.
  • Contemporary setup, program architecture, and tech synergies have made waves in 2023, showcasing the future of effective learning.

Donovan Jackson

North American Pre-Sales Director – Assima

Kyle Schuler

Manager, Customer Education – Jamf