Drive Digital Adoption And Support Users After Go-live.

Assima Assist helps users get answers on the job, prevent mistakes, and work at peak efficiency every day.

People forget. And your applications change fast.

Assima Assist Platform helps your team never waste a second looking for “how-to-do” things. With every answer at their fingertips, users hone their skills in the flow of work so you can focus on delivering business value.

Contextual In-App Guidance

Empower Users to Become Self-sufficient

Provide personalized step-by-step guides at the point of need. Your users will never get stuck on unfamiliar tasks. They perform at their best without depending on the helpdesk or interrupting colleagues.

Change Management Notifications

Keep Everyone Informed Without Interruptions

Notify end users of changes in regulations, compliance, processes, application updates at the moment of need. Remind users of must-do actions they need to perform inside and outside your applications.

Instant Data Validation

Ensure Perfect Data the First Time, Every Timer

Instantly validate inputs at entry according to your business rules. Rest easy knowing that no data field is missing, inaccurate, inconsistent, invalid, or incomplete. Save time and costs from mistakes and double-checking data.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain Insights on your Application

See how users are spending time in your applications. Which forms take the most time, which field is error-prone, etc. Identify bottlenecks in key processes, make better decisions, and refine your training experience.

Find Out How Your Organization Can

Fundamentally Change For The Better with Assima