Accelerating banking transformation in 2021 and beyond

An executive fireside conversation

From cloud adoption to AI, digital transformation in banking involves new core systems, applications, and processes.

How can this shift be accomplished in the context of fulfilling regulatory compliance, security, and resiliency requirements? How can business leaders, partners, and employees evolve to become transformation-ready?

In this executive fireside conversation, Padma Chukka, Director of FS Cloud Ecosystem at IBM, joins Riz Khaliq, Assima’s CEO, to discuss the ramifications of digital transformation in finance and key considerations for stakeholders.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How banks and other regulated industries should respond to digital disruption.

How cloud computing in banking helps transform financial services.

The importance of strong partnerships and ecosystems.

What IBM’s and Assima’s partnership mean for banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

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