6 reasons why Assima LCMS can improve overall processes in healthcare organizations

Every healthcare employee, regardless of their location, profile or background, has something in common: their learning and training process never stops. Imagine a world where medical personnel wouldn’t be trained on the latest healthcare technology or tool. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Every healthcare organization is constantly improving and updating the patient caregiving process, in order to ensure the best medical services. With the competition growing so aggressively, it is important for every medical organization to train and keep their employees up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry. Therefore, a Learning Content Management Solution  (LCMS) like Assima’s is the best way to get your employees trained while reducing upskilling expenses.

How can Assima’s Platform improve overall processes in a healthcare organizations

Centralize Medical Knowledge

Thanks to Assima technology, you can bring medical/pharma training manuals, whiteboards, workflows, learning sessions, and tutorials into a central training platform that matches different medical regulations and integrates with various medical products and services.

Streamline Medical Training from a Single Platform

Assima helps deliver engaging content to medical staff right where and when it’s needed.

Create & Manage Training Content

Assima is an All-in-one solution with in-app authoring and assets upload/download functionality to efficiently create medical/pharma training content.

Customize training flow by leveraging styling tools and secure screen clone technology

With our unique tool, you can create lessons with an enhanced screen clone editor by adding text, images, charts, etc. Format and anonymize/localise the content and publish it at any point to make it available to users.

Single Sign-On for seamless connection

Ensure access to relevant content, features and capabilities by setting up user roles, permissions and licenses with Assima

Implementation for long-term 

Assima offers a learning experience that leads to increased productivity and skillful efficiency.

Assima’s modular standard functions and features facilitate streamlined sharing of information by providing all necessary components for a comprehensive healthcare content management strategy and by tailoring solutions to fill any organizational gap.

If your healthcare institution is planning to implement a LCMS, Assima’s solution might be the perfect option.

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