City of Fort Worth awards Assima with ERP UPK training replacement contract

City of Fort Worth awards Assima with ERP UPK training replacement contract

ATLANTA, November 2, 2021 – The City of Fort Worth awarded Assima a contract to replace Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) as an e-learning authoring tool. Under this contract, Assima will provide licenses to its Systems Training Platform for the development, maintenance, and delivery of powerful training on any enterprise software to drive digital transformation, lower training costs, and maximize return on technology investments. 

Ahead of the sunsetting of UPK in December 2022, the City of Fort Worth engaged its RFP process to address its continuous need for secure and immersive user training on business-critical applications. The selection of Assima will give the City the ability to leverage Assima’s unique capabilities to convert UPK simulations in record time and maintain training assets without re-recording to extend the life of its UPK content and unlock substantial cost and time savings.

The City of Fort Worth selected Assima based on its ability to address the critical needs identified by the City under the RFP, its success with complex application modernization, its patented cloning technology that delivers superior value compared to screenshot-based technology featured by all other solutions available on the market, and a successful 20-year track record with previous technology transformation in the federal government including the Department of Defense. 

Riz Khaliq, CEO of Assima said, “We are very pleased to expand our relationship with the local US government. This contract award demonstrates Assima’s ability to ensure only the most secure and effective training is delivered to the City of Fort Worth’s employees. We are proud to support its mission to modernize its workforce and unlock the full potential of the latest systems to better serve all areas of citizens’ lives. 


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