How to Tailor your Healthcare e-learning with Assima LCMS

Healthcare and pharma sectors have adopted for decades various learning methods and file recording processes to simplify their procedures and to keep an accurate patient history database.


For obvious reasons, healthcare and pharma industries cannot afford a single error that could lead to diagnostic inaccuracies or treatment flaws. Therefore, it is crucial to train their physicians, nurses, and other employees and to provide them with advanced knowledge and best practices as quickly, smoothly, and efficiently as possible.

The healthcare industry has extensively benefited from using Learning Content Management  Systems (LCMSs) at different levels because it’s innovative, efficient and because they can both create and store e-learning and documentation outputs. This consolidated platform can be used to actively train both medical personnel and medical/pharma representatives, along with non-medical employees hired by healthcare companies.

Assima’s LCMS platform can bring value to any medical organization by saving time, money, and resources involved in creating training content, developing process workflows, and delivering training.

An LCMS implementation is typically easy and straightforward. A well-structured team handling the deployment and maintaining it, eases the process and ensures the proper functioning and customization of the Assima platform. The team would include a leader, project manager(s), eLearning expert(s), an L&D administrator, IT expert(s), and consultants trained to configure, set up, and coach about the LCMS features.

Once the implementation plan has been established and the timeline set, the LCMS team should prepare for data migration and run trials to ensure system accuracy and zero-failure data backup. For the medical industry, it is essential to keep the record of patients’ history like diagnoses, treatments, and other medical relevant info. Medical Industries need long-time retention of these records, to access it later when needed.

Benefits of using Assima LCMS in healthcare

  • Learning on-the-go

Users can access training and documentation content anywhere at any time, on any type of device with Internet access.

  • Interactive Learning

Makes the online course development more collaborative & interactive.

  • Centralized content management

Training content is provided in the form of e-Learning modules, slide decks, brochures, clinical/case studies, flashcards, or presentations from the centralized dashboard with administrator/editor capabilities (depending on the license type).

  • Cost optimization

It streamlines the process of maintaining & creating medical learning content because all learning modes can be created from the same source at one time. Therefore, reducing the cost.

Additional benefits of using Assima LCMS

  • User-friendly dashboard

You don’t have to be a technical guy to understand its features and functionalities. It’s customizable and accessible via any browser.

  • Data safety and security

The entire process of knowledge distribution is based on information sharing; therefore, security and data protection is imperative. Assima LCMS offers a high level of encryption and security at any sharing level. Moreover, Assima’s unique-patented cloning technology comes with a fully embedded data anonymization feature, ensuring that your training content will never contain any real customer data.

  • Customized creative learning

To improve employees’ skills and their overall medical performance, targeted content and customized lesson packages are conceived in such a way that the medical personnel can be trained and evaluated on a particular task or an entire procedure.

  • Proper assessment

Assessments take a significant part in the training process. With Assima, assessment of healthcare employees can be done via various evaluation formats.

Healthcare towards Assima LCMS

Healthcare can profit from automating medical training workflows involving (un)structured content and integrating it with the entire training process. Assima LCMS offers a customized implementation based on the healthcare institution’s existing systems, specific requirements, and long-term training plan.

For any healthcare institution planning to implement Assima LCMS, the main benefits are: enhanced patient outcomes, improved business fundamentals, balanced time-money ratio invested in medical training, and greater return on technology investments.

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