What make Assima clones so unique?

Cloning technology is an innovation. What makes Assima clones so unique?

If you google “learning technologies”, you will come across various articles, all sharing an  emphasis on the crucial role of clones in training. When you are looking for solutions to train your employees, the one obvious thing is that you want the best solution for your employees, so they can learn better and bring value to your organization.

Your search for a training solution ends with Assima. Assima is a software solution that offers unique cloning technology (a term you only hear in Science class). Assima’s clone creates a replica of your application screen that behaves and reacts like a live system.  With our patented cloning technology, you can train your employees faster and more efficiently. How? The answer is simple: with our solution, users can learn in a simulated environment, and therefore interact and explore within the system like they’re on the real one.

What makes Assima clones so interactive?

Assima’s clones treat each screen element as a separate object, and each of them can be fully edited, copied, pasted etc. Changes are reflected in the clone immediately and thanks to its multilingual capabilities, you can ensure that learner, regardless of nationality, receives the exact same training content. You can translate clones using pre-created system dictionaries.

You can also easily remove sensitive operational and customer data like names, addresses, account numbers, etc. This feature allows users to operate in the simulated environment, without risking any actual customer data.

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