How to increase EMR adoption for 85k users seamlessly

Video case study: How to increase EMR adoption for 85,000 users without disrupting patient care

The largest European hospital group, comprising 39 hospitals, needed to harmonise over 85,000 users on a single Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

This major undertaking couldn’t affect the patients.

IBM partnered with Assima to deliver a solution: a Digital Coach that provides contextual assistance in the live application.

Users received precise answers on-the-job without stopping in the middle of a task. This allowed them to focus on patient care.

We presented this case study at the ATD Middle East virtual event in June 2020. For a quick 5-minute summary, watch the video below.

IBM’s Zoe Robbins on driving digital transformation with a Digital Coach



  •  Overview of the Digital Coach.  Users received contextual assistance via push notifications, step-by-step guidance and a chatbot powered by IBM Watson.For more examples of how the Digital Coach is used in hospitals, read this post.
  • Monitoring was key to user adoption success: It allows you to track content usage and pinpoint where it could be improved.

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