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When considering implementing large systems such as SAP, many companies take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation and migrate to the real-time ERP suite SAP S/4 HANA. At the same time, they reap the benefits of the personalized, user experience with SAP Fiori.

It is not unusual for organizations to consolidate their SAP system landscape and the various supported processes, but, as a result, this often means users are confronted with extensive changes and additional SAP online training requirements. The interface that employees are used to working with is likely to have been redesigned, procedures and tasks may differ and this all needs to be communicated in an effective, timely manner to ensure user performance is not negatively impacted.

It is important to also consider new employees, who should be able to familiarize themselves with the handling of SAP-supported processes at any time. With digitalization, users’ expectations of system usability and the availability of “moment-of-need” support have risen significantly, whereas the willingness to spend time in a classroom training environment has declined.


Support from a leading technology innovator for your SAP online training projects


Companies are demanding user excellence. This can be achieved through a well-coordinated SAP training program that integrates training and user performance support concepts based on the latest technologies from Assima

  • Eliminate the need for training clients/sandboxes with Innovative Thin clone® technology. Assima’s Training Suite clones core applications and builds training modules that guide and support end-users through key tasks and processes, providing maintainable, localizable, training content for not only your SAP applications but ALL of your enterprise applications.
  • Translate and localize content from a single-source file. Support your global, geographically dispersed workforce by effortlessly creating training for multiple languages. The single-source file means there is no need to re-record lessons, saving you valuable time.
  • Increase SAP users’ agility. Assima’s intelligent overlay delivers process guidance and support, in real-time to the user in the live SAP application. Go further than basic in-application help; walk users through complicated situations, provide tips and suggestions, detect anomalies, and more. Whatever the user encounters, you can be there to help them overcome the challenge. Go from basic use to optimal performance!
  • Keep users up to date. Push notifications to ensure end-users are informed and eliminate the need for constant training and development schedule.
  • Targeted communications. Important messages about updates and changes within SAP can be targeted, so an end-user will only ever receive the information that is relevant to their function or role. Keep your users engaged and informed at all times, without the need to leave the application.

Use digital transformation technologies to accelerate user performance, increase efficiency and make your SAP S/4 HANA project a success!

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