Why Assima joined the world’s first public cloud built for financial services by IBM

October 22, 2020

Assima adopted IBM Cloud for Financial Services to deliver the most secure systems training to banks and insurance companies.

Last summer, Assima was part of the first cohort of partners to join the world’s first public cloud built for financial services by IBM. After nearly twenty years working with the largest banks in the US and Europe, security has remained a core part of our offer.

This initiative reflects our commitment to deliver the most powerful systems training to our financial services clients – while meeting the highest security standards.

What is IBM Cloud for Financial Services?

It’s a public cloud ecosystem specifically designed to address the ever-evolving regulatory compliance, security, and resiliency requirements of the financial services industry. Its mission is crystal clear: help financial institutions scale their public cloud with confidence, knowing that they will meet regulatory standards.

Check out our webinar made specifically for the banking industry

In this executive fireside conversation, Padma Chukka, Director of FS Cloud Ecosystem at IBM, joins Riz Khaliq, Assima’s CEO, to discuss the ramifications of digital transformation in finance and key considerations for stakeholders.

Quick facts about IBM Cloud for Financial Services:

  • First announced in November 2019.
  • IBM collaborated extensively with Bank of America and Promontory to develop control requirements for the platform.
  • It’s the only public cloud platform that can provide preventative and compensatory controls for financial services regulatory workloads.
  • Backed by the highest level of security certification commercially available.

At the heart of this ecosystem is the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services. It provides a standard set of criteria and compliance controls to help financial institutions assess technology vendors more efficiently. Every independent software vendor taking part in the ecosystem, including Assima, has been vetted and deemed to meet these standards. This framework will be continuously updated to address the latest industry regulations.

The Framework includes:

  • Extensive control set spanning cybersecurity, data privacy, access management, and configuration management.
  • Goes beyond common compliance and regulatory standards, e.g., PCFI, SOC, FFIEC, etc.
  • Policy provisions for continuous updates relative to changing regulatory requirements.

Why did Assima adopt IBM Cloud for Financial Services?

We’ve been partners with IBM for years. Jumping at the opportunity to be among the first to join their industry-first platform built for financial services was a no-brainer. It’s helping us stay one step ahead of evolving regulations and deliver a better, more secure product for our clients.

Watch this 2-min clip to learn more about why Assima partnered with IBM:

What can this partnership bring to your company?

A reliable security benchmark to base your vendor evaluation on

If you could remember only one thing after reading this article, make sure it’s this: IBM has vetted Assima. We’ve met all requirements to operate with bank-sensitive data in the public cloud safely. These requirements have been co-created by Bank of America and endorsed by leading banks such as BNP Paribas. In other words, Assima meets all your required security and compliance requirements right out of the box. This benchmark can help you fast track management buy-in and decide whether Assima is a good fit for your specific use case.

A more secure and innovative systems training solution

By leveraging IBM public cloud technologies, we can help you stay at the forefront of software training technology. You could access the most up-to-date and secure version of our solution without straining your IT resources.

Faster return on your technology investments

Thanks to IBM’s compliance control framework, compliance checks are streamlined within the ecosystem. Once you decide to evaluate Assima as your systems training solution, you’ll have fewer requirements to review. You can spend more time driving user adoption and unlocking the full potential of your applications. The results are substantial cost savings, reduced time to market, and a faster return on your technology investments.

With the leading cloud provider powering our solution, our clients are getting the best of both Assima and IBM. First, they can deliver high-impact systems training to thousands of users in a secure environment. Second, they can be confident that our system will meet their data resiliency, privacy, and customer information safety needs in the long run.

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