Don’t confuse Workplace Orientation with Training

Most organizations confuse workplace orientation with training. This TEDx Talk highlights the importance of training and the role it plays in the success of the organization.

Small businesses invest in hiring good talent and retaining them by investing in their training & development, fully appreciating that it leads to more sales, better output, and better work culture.

David Donlan, CRO at Zoovu, has helped various organizations in developing conversational marketing strategies. He was the core member of Hubspot and has helped in launching According to him, the small companies have  the biggest impact on employee training because they don’t have red tape, meaning that employees have access to the CEO, President, etc. David defines training as behavior modification and believes that most companies, instead of providing better training, invest in tactics to allure employees – somehow making mediocrity acceptable.

Listen to this Ted Talk by David Donlan where he emphasizes on how most organizations confuse orientation with training, and the adverse effect it can have on employees and your organization.

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