Announcing our New Partnership with EMTECH

Announcing Assima’s Partnership with EMTECH

EMTECH today announces the signing of a partnership agreement with Assima to enrich its Digital Learning Solution offerings.

Based in the UAE, EMTECH has been bringing cutting-edge technology to the region for almost 28 years. With this new partnership, it now delivers the most advanced Digital Learning solutions on the market to cater to the growing need for online training.

With Assima, EMTECH can now cover the entire software development and user journey life cycle on a single platform. Using Assima’s system training authoring tool, EMTECH teams can create high-quality training materials before a new system’s launch. Thanks to Assima’s hyper-realistic application simulation, the end-users will be ready to start working effectively from day one. Moreover, EMTECH can provide timely performance support at the moment of need by leveraging Assima’s Digital Assistant Platform.

In addition to its patented training platform, Assima also brings 20+ years of expertise in the system training sphere.

“Assima is looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with EMTECH”, says Brendan Scullion, EMEA Sales Director at Assima. Between Assima’s unique capabilities in training thousands of users simultaneously and EMTECH’s deep client base and technical expertise, the sky’s the limit when it comes to developing our programs in the region together.

Vijayan Karipody, Managing director – EMTECH Group said:

“Our experience in providing technology solutions to the UAE market, now combined with Assima’s expertise in system training solutions, together will allow us to meet our objective of giving complete system life cycle services from implementation to user adoption, helping to maximize ROI for our customers”.


EMTECH is a Digital Solutions & Integrated Service Management organization offering comprehensive and standardized life cycle service for the full spectrum of Technology Solutions. (ICT, Digital, Cloud, Online).

Over a period of 28 years, we have gained service excellence across various technology verticals right from on-premises all the way to hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. Emtech is ISO, TRA, SIRA & MCC Certified.

About Assima

Assima offers the industry’s most complete solution to drive user adoption at scale, combining training and performance support into one. Assima enables clients to train users more effectively using hyper-realistic simulations powered by its patented technology and ensures peak end-user efficiency via a digital assistant.

Assima is technology and industry agnostic. We work with industry giants from Oil & Gas,ip Manufacturing, retail, Healthcare, banking as well as the public sector.

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