Maximize ROI on your core applications

From insurance administration to customer management systems Assima helps companies drive user adoption at scale, reduce training costs, and maximize ROI on their enterprise applications.

Benefits of Assima for your core applications:

– Increase end-user adoption for new processes
– Enforce business rules and best practices
– Instantly validate critical inputs
– Maintain content exponentially faster than screenshot-based tools
– Lower training costs by replacing your sandbox

– Keep users up to date on changes in regulations, compliance, process – at the point of need
– Replace sensitive data with risk-free data
– Localize training in multiple languages from one single source
– Auto-generate process documentation

Supported Platforms

HTML-based Web applications

Green Screen applications

For information on additional platforms we support, contact us

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Patented Authoring Tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Employee onboarding

Onboard faster with interactive simulations

Frequent software updates

Stay one step ahead of the pace of change

Software rollout

Enhance your training with a Digital Adoption Platform

Performance Support

Enhance your training with a digital assistant

Digital Transformation

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise applications

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