How We Trained 10 000 Employees Across 21 Banks on New Core Applications

Lessons For Regulated Industries

One of Denmark’s largest IT houses had to train 10 000 users on 3 core applications across 21 banks. Director of Business Process & Implementation Luise Larsø Jensen spearheaded a transformational program designed to improve business outcomes through better training.

Follow Luise as she recounts her journey from creating a bulletproof business case to managing changes after go-live. 

In this webinar, we will share hard-learned lessons and practices proven to work in leading banks and applicable across highly regulated industries to future-proof your workforce, drive user adoption and maximize ROI from your IT investments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

The key practice areas used by successful programs to meet compliance requirements, drive digital transformation and create better customer experiences.

Tangible ways to demonstrate to your organization the business value of your program and shape a customer-centric culture.

Practical setup, program design, and technology that works in 2021.

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