Assima forges A Partnership with Call Simulator syncing hands-on software training and simulated voice interactions.

ATLANTA, September 8nd, 2022 – Assima, a global leader in systems training and digital adoption, and Call Simulator, a proven Conversational-AI-powered call training provider, announce an exciting new partnership designed to help organizations train employees at scale, utilizing immersive training experiences to increase adoption and reduce time and cost to proficiency.

“Assima brings a new dimension to Call Simulator by providing a pixel-perfect version of the software clients use every day.” said David Lawson, CEO & Co-Founder of Call Simulator, Inc. “Driven by our proven Conversational-AI call training, users are able to practice their active-listening, communication, multi-tasking, and software skills simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time to proficiency.”

“When Assima Train, which creates a simulated software experience that provides the realism of any production system, is augmented with the Conversational-AI technology of Call Simulator, learners have the look, feel, and now sound of speaking interactively with a simulated customer while simultaneously interacting with a ‘clone’ of the production software.  No other solution in the world can provide the realism of hands-on software training and simulated voice interactions like our combined products. Our goal is to help train employees to be their best on Day 1, regardless of industry,” said John D’Ambrosio, vice president of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at Assima.

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