Assima Launches Partnership with Blue Yonder to Accelerate Adoption of Autonomous Supply Chain

ATLANTA, April 2nd 2022 – Assima, a global leader in systems training and digital adoption, launched a new partnership with Blue Yonder, a leading digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment provider, to help organizations train employees at scale on Blue Yonder’s solutions, reduce training costs, and drive faster adoption. 

The partnership will leverage Assima’s Systems Training Platform – a patented solution that creates hyper-realistic simulations of any enterprise application. This will enable Blue Yonder’s customers to equip their workforce with a safe environment to master Blue Yonder’s solutions, so they can embrace new processes, deliver better customer experiences, and maximize the return on their technology investments. 

Additionally, the partnership will allow mutual customers to drastically reduce the costs of training by eliminating the need for hard-to-maintain training environments. 


“Providing employees a safe platform to learn their systems related job responsibilities prior to an initial go-live or the latest features of an established application is key to driving adoption of business processes while reducing employee resistance”, said, John D’Ambrosio, vice president of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at Assima. “By partnering with Assima, Blue Yonder will be able to provide their customers a training platform that can reduce content development time and rework by ~90%; reduce costs by ~70% in part by utilizing Assima’s “Sandbox” environment instead of traditional server based ones; and accelerate end-user onboarding times and competency for its customers.”


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Assima is a global leader in systems training and digital adoption. We’ve engineered the world’s most advanced systems training platform to help organizations deliver hyper-realistic and impactful learning experiences on any enterprise software. Since 2002, we’ve helped organizations empower employees to practice on new technologies, embrace change and achieve technology mastery.

Assima customers include 40% of the Fortune 500. We have customers in over 30 countries and within every possible vertical. And our software works across all major applications including web, desktop and in-house built. 

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