Employee empowerment makes or breaks your adoption: drivers and future possibilities

With several months past the initial shock of COVID-19, one thing remains certain: employees are the most important drivers for digital transformation success. 

This session will expand on this tenant by exploring the drivers of change that will continue to shape the workplace of the future. Using them as guides, we will re-imagine workplace learning to be more effective, more resilient and better positioned to create and deliver value.

Riz Khaliq, CEO, Assima

Riz Khaliq is an internationally recognized digital government and commercial expert and thought leader. Before leading Assima, he spent nearly 20 years at IBM in various senior management roles. Most recently, he was IBM’s Vice-President Global Public Sector where he developed growth strategies and roadmaps for partnerships and solutions across global regions. Before joining IBM, Riz was with the US Foreign Service and served as Commercial Attaché at the US embassies in Denmark and South Africa.

Bruce McDonnel, NA Director for Banking, Finance, and Insurance, Assima

Bruce McDonnell has been in the technology arena for almost 40 years. Bruce got his first taste of L&D at IBM where as a rookie to the marketing division, he was asked to train his team on the use of a mainframe based email system. He now assists customers by providing a way to create hyper-realistic digital training simulations of their critical business apps using the Assima solution.

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