How to upgrade your UPK content into immersive training

Don’t simply “extend” the life of your UPK content.

You can upgrade it into training with unparalleled realism.

Watch our video webinar to learn how to transform your UPK content into the most immersive and effective applications training possible.

In this video, you’ll get a demo of how Assima’s patented authoring tool can:

Import 100s of UPK lessons in minutes.

Convert lessons and reduce time and cost on mass conversion.

 Replace UPK static screenshots with hyper-realistic simulations.

Access UPK content at the point of need, in the live application.

Brendan Scullion, EMEA Sales Director

Brendan has worked with global companies such as Shell, BP, British Airways, and Npower over the last 15 years to improve end user performance, reduce training costs and maximize application investment ROI.

Ben Galloni, Learning Technology Specialist

Ben is an experienced learning technology specialist with a variety of commercial and project achievements in the e-learning industry including successful design, development and implementation of training materials for companies across EMEA.

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