What make Assima clones so unique?

Assima- What makes clones so unique?Cloning technology is an innovation. What makes Assima clones so unique? If you google “learning technologies”, you will come across various articles, all sharing an  emphasis on the crucial role of clones in training. When you are looking for solutions to train your employees, the one obvious thing is that you want the best solution [...]

Cloning: a Learning Technology and its Benefits

Women learningLearning technologies play an important role in training. Before understanding the learning technologies, it is important to understand the concept of learning. When it comes to learning, two things I’m certain of: first, it’s an ongoing process, and second, learning technology is always evolving. Technology today has changed the way we learn by making the [...]

Assima: Top Learning Technology Provider

op Learning Technologies Providers: AssimaAssima awarded Top Learning Technologies provider by Learning & Performance Institute   Since 1995, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) has consulted, evaluated and mentored thousands of organizations worldwide to help them build their capability and deliver improved performance. LPI recently included Assima in the top 15 Learning Technology Providers and accredited it based on [...]

User excellence from Assima. Supporting all your SAP training projects

User excellenceWhen considering implementing large systems such as SAP, many companies take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation and migrate to the real-time ERP suite SAP S/4 HANA. At the same time, they reap the benefits of the personalized, user experience with SAP Fiori. It is not unusual for organizations to consolidate their SAP system [...]

How Microlearning Can Enhance Your Digital Learning Journey

MicrolearningWhat is Microlearning? Have you ever been on a week-long intensive training course? Or given a chunky book of exercises and then told to promptly digest it? Or perhaps you were provided with a bunch of digital learning materials such as lengthy online tutorials and you just ended up glazing over it and not knowing [...]