Choosing Between LMS & LCMS

When it comes to choosing the best learning tool, especially between LMS and LCMS, decision-makers are facing difficulties making the right choice. When facing such a choice, managers have to consider formost the organization needs, but also keep in mind the main purpose the system will be used for: content creation, content distribution & management, [...]

Take your Career to the Next Level with Assima

Career at AssimaOpportunity to grow your career with Assima. In this new era of AI, Assima helps Fortune500 companies in their digital transformation and change management process, by bringing together our expertise across Training, Cloud, and Analytics. We are on a mission to prove how learning digitalization can help companies improve   efficiency, reduce costs and increase [...]

Meet Assima at E-Learning Expo

E-learning Expo ParisDue to Covid-19, this event has been postponed. We’ll keep you posted on recent updates. Sorry for the inconvenience. Join us at E-Learning Expo 2020 in Paris In its 20th edition, E-Learning Expo will be focusing on placing humans at the center of the organization, and enhancing their efficiency through learning and training. Employee training [...]

Hear from IBM how Assima accelerates Digital Adoption

LT2020- IBM on how Assima accelerates digital adoptionWe’re proud to announce that IBM Project Manager Zoe Robbins will be holding a free seminar on how Assima accelerates Digital Transformation of the largest hospital organisation in Europe with IBM Watson, during Learning Technologies 2020 in Excel, London. Join us on February 13th at 1.15pm in Theatre 3 to hear from Zoe Robbins, Project [...]

Augmented Employee with AI-Powered Digital Coach

Assima AI-powered Digital CoachDid you know that 63% of CRM implementations fail? And according to Gartner, 75% of ERP projects follow the same path. These statistics are concerning, especially for IT leaders looking to gain a return on their new system investment. In today’s digitalized world, employees can choose from array of applications/systems, but these don’t often interact [...]

How to Tailor your Healthcare e-learning with Assima LCMS

Healthcare_AssimaLCMS blogHealthcare and pharma sectors have adopted for decades various learning methods and file recording processes to simplify their procedures and to keep an accurate patient history database.   For obvious reasons, healthcare and pharma industries cannot afford a single error that could lead to diagnostic inaccuracies or treatment flaws. Therefore, it is crucial to train [...]

Learning in Digital Transformation

People learning in digital transformationMotto for learning in digital transformation is to learn as much as you can, as though you had all the time in the world. One of the most popular quotes attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever”, showed up in print in [...]

Meet us in February in London at Learning Technologies

LT2020- IBM on how Assima accelerates digital adoptionLearning Technologies is coming to London in 2020 and we are pleased to announce that Assima will be there to showcase our patented Cloning solution and AI-powered Digital Coach technology. And while we’ll be happy to meet you in our booth, we’d also like to give you the opportunity to book a private moment with [...]

What make Assima clones so unique?

Assima- What makes clones so unique?Cloning technology is an innovation. What makes Assima clones so unique? If you google “learning technologies”, you will come across various articles, all sharing an  emphasis on the crucial role of clones in training. When you are looking for solutions to train your employees, the one obvious thing is that you want the best solution [...]

Cloning: a Learning Technology and its Benefits

Women learningLearning technologies play an important role in training. Before understanding the learning technologies, it is important to understand the concept of learning. When it comes to learning, two things I’m certain of: first, it’s an ongoing process, and second, learning technology is always evolving. Technology today has changed the way we learn by making the [...]