Doing our bit to help Healthcare Workers at NHS Hospital

hospital initiative- Assima-NHSAssima supports  NHS Hospital with training technology during the Coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals are on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the overload of activity they face, they must also reorganize their way of working in order to respect social distancing measures for both staff and patients, and this is ultimately leading to changes [...]

Doing Our Bit, Within Our Range.

Train your employees with AssimaLet Assima train your employees remotely. In these circumstances of adapting and adopting new business processes and rules, it has become even more important to give users the right guidance and information to succeed in their roles and responsibilities. Indeed, while this situation certainly brings some serious challenges, it also creates opportunities – such as properly [...]

More Tips for a Successful Training Solution

Successful Remote TrainingLast week, we covered 5 tips to have in mind when shaping a remote training program, which is especially important with more and more businesses having branches and employees all over the world. When we return to normality, it’s also fair to think that more and more people will probably ask to work from home [...]

5 Tips for an Effective Remote Training

Remote trainingBefore we dive into 5 tips for effective remote training, it is vital to understand the importance of employee training. Importance of employee training Training is vital for the growth and success of every organization. It is profitable for both the employers and employees of an organization. If an employee is trained well, he/she will [...]

Highlights from Learning Technologies 2020 London

Learning Technologies- AssimaIt’s been just over a month since we participated in the Learning Technologies event in London, UK, and with events being postponed all around the globe today, we thought it would be a perfect time to share a small throwback video. Listen to Brendan Scullion (EMEA Sales Director for Assima) and Zoe Robbins, Project Manager [...]