Highlights from Learning Technologies 2020 London

Learning Technologies- AssimaIt’s been just over a month since we participated in the Learning Technologies event in London, UK, and with events being postponed all around the globe today, we thought it would be a perfect time to share a small throwback video. Listen to Brendan Scullion (EMEA Sales Director for Assima) and Zoe Robbins, Project Manager [...]

Don’t confuse Workplace Orientation with Training

TrainingMost organizations confuse workplace orientation with training. This TEDx Talk highlights the importance of training and the role it plays in the success of the organization. Small businesses invest in hiring good talent and retaining them by investing in their training & development, fully appreciating that it leads to more sales, better output, and better [...]

6 reasons why Assima LCMS can improve overall processes in healthcare organizations

Healthcare and Assima LCMSEvery healthcare employee, regardless of their location, profile or background, has something in common: their learning and training process never stops. Imagine a world where medical personnel wouldn’t be trained on the latest healthcare technology or tool. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? Every healthcare organization is constantly improving and updating the patient caregiving process, in [...]