Oracle UPK replacement Looking for an Oracle UPK alternative? Don’t just extend the life of your UPK content…transform it into the most effective and immersive applications training possible. Here’s a complete upgrade

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Faster Training


Cost Reduction

Step 1 – Import hundreds of UPK lessons as SCORM files in minutes

  • Deploy your original UPK lessons as is, straight away.
  • Users can see and access them in minutes.

Step 2 – Convert lessons that require changes, edit and publish them

  • Convert lessons into UPK Try it! Mode equivalent.
  • Reduce time and cost on mass conversion.

Step 3 – Transform UPK static screenshots into hyper-realistic simulations

  • Deliver the most immersive learning experience possible.
  • Provide hands-on experience without any risk to your production system.

Unlock these new authoring benefits:

  • Update content without recapturing 50 + screens
  • Translate content in multiple languages without recapture
  • Remove sensitive data from lessons in one go

Step 4 – Push UPK content at the point of need

  • Provide push notifications, step-by-step guidance, input verification via a Digital Adoption Platform.
  • Empower users to complete tasks quickly without help.

Watch how to migrate your existing UPK content to Assima in minutes


To see our patented Cloning technology in action

The conversion takes a UPK Try IT! mode, imports it into Assima’s authoring platform – and from that you can generate Assima training modes for learning and process guidance.

An average length UPK simulation of 30 frames, takes just a few seconds to convert to Assima. An average project of 100 UPK simulations can be done within an hour.

Yes. Assima offers the same simulation output modes with different names. See it, Try it, Do it, match to Demo, Practice, Evaluation and Sandox in Assima. You also get guidance modes, User Manual, Online Help and Synopsis in HTML or PDF format to support your business process needs, as well as a Task Assistant mode to support you in-application.