Augmented Employee with AI-Powered Digital Coach

Did you know that 63% of CRM implementations fail? And according to Gartner, 75% of ERP projects follow the same path. These statistics are concerning, especially for IT leaders looking to gain a return on their new system investment.

In today’s digitalized world, employees can choose from array of applications/systems, but these don’t often interact with each other and in some cases, even worse: they contradict each other. Not only this, the information that users receive to make critical decisions to the business can often be disconnected and therefore, users spend more time than required moving from one system/application to another to collect necessary data. If you want to get better ROI, then why not switch to the application/solution that provides unbiased, cognitive and intelligent recommendations, best approaches, best course of action?

Assima’s AI-powered Digital Coach (with Watson) helps you to do all this without disturbing the workflow of the users. It knows your application context and monitors interaction on your screen and therefore, pushes a targeted, role-based in-app recommendations.

Employees make important decisions critical to your business every minute of the day. With Assima, you can make sure they’re taking the right one.

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