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Assima joins IBM Cloud for Telecommunications to drive digital transformation for telco providers

IBM has announced the IBM Cloud for Telecommunications, aiming to help telecoms modernize enterprise applications and build 5G networks faster and cheaper. Assima is fueling this major digital transformation with the world’s most powerful systems training.

This build on our commitment to bring the most secure systems training to regulated industries, which began with our adoption of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services. Learn more here.

What is IBM Cloud for Telecommunications?

It’s an open, hybrid cloud platform that addresses the unique needs of the telco industry. As stated by senior vice president Howard Boville in this blog post, these challenges include accelerating business transformation, enhancing digital client engagement, and improving agility as providers modernize their enterprise applications and infrastructure to unlock the power of 5g and edge.

(Source: IBM)

Quick facts about IBM Cloud for Telecommunications:

Where does Assima fit in this ecosystem?

Assima has joined an ecosystem of 35+ partners ranging from 5G core software to operation support systems. Participants include Nokia, Samsung, Cisco, Mavenir, Juniper Networks, Altiostar, Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo, among others.

Here’s a snapshot of IBM’s ecosystem partners:

(Source: IBM)

Assima’s mission is to drive digital transformation by delivering impactful systems training and performance support.

The move to make 5G mainstream represents a business transformation project of epic proportions for telecoms. The results would be new offerings, new core applications, and new ways to address customer needs. Underlying these opportunities are people’s capacity to keep up with the pace of innovation.

Staff will need to be upskilled to handle new processes. Training content will need to be developed quickly and cost-effectively.

“In the same way telcos are transforming their networks to become more agile and scalable, user training has to follow suit and become just as agile and scalable.” – Riz Khaliq, CEO at Assima

That’s where Assima comes in.

We empower employees to make the most of your business support systems (BSS) with scalable, agile, and cost-effective user training.

How does Assima bring value to telco providers?

Retool and reskill your workforce (with interactive simulations)

The driving force behind successful digital transformation is your people. Investing in their capabilities is key. As telecoms roll out edge and 5G, new capabilities, tools, and processes will come into play. Investing in the right user training will reduce time to market and make your business more responsive to customer needs.

Assima offers the world’s most efficient way to create interactive simulations to train users on any enterprise systems. Your users can practice in a simulated environment that looks and feels just like your live system. Free to explore, experiment, and make mistakes, they build confidence and master your processes quickly. It’s the most cost-effective way to bring new and current employees up to speed at scale.

Stay one step ahead of the pace of change (improve business agility)

With innovation moving at breakneck speed in the telecom space, enterprise applications are bound to evolve quickly. Whether it’s new systems or legacy ones, user training should always reflect the latest changes for maximum effectiveness.

With Assima, you can go a step beyond that and simulate upcoming features in your lessons before they go live. What’s more, content development doesn’t have to wait for production, testing, or sandbox system updates.

To learn more about how Assima can help you accelerate business agility, click here.

Reduce training costs and simplify your IT infrastructure 

Most telcos deliver user training through their live system, sandboxes, or static mediums. Assima can help you drastically reduce training costs by eliminating the need to build and maintain dedicated training environments. IT operations become more agile, flexible, and efficient –  accelerating digital transformation projects and improving operational efficiency.

With IBM powering our solution, we are committed to helping telecom providers increase end-user adoption, reduce training costs, deliver stellar customer service, and unlock the full value of their enterprise applications.

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