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Empower your employees to become fully autonomous with the world’s only user adoption platform that creates an interactive, highly-realistic simulation of your software.

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Empower employees to become self-sufficient: Users receive the answers they need, continuously on-the-job via a Digital Adoption Platform. They move in your system confident that critical inputs are instantly double-checked. No need to depend on colleagues or call the help desk.

Minimize compliance, reputation and operational risk: Push in-app change management notices and compliance updates. Ensure every user understands regulations, guidelines and what actions they need to take outside your application.

Make sure every user mastered your processes: Track real-time progress in granular detail – down to every click and input field. Reinforce best practices and pinpoint where operations could be improved.

Anonymize your material in one go: Assima’s content authoring tool lets you replace your sensitive captured data with safe, risk-free training data in one go – without going back to every slide. This ensures that all of your learning materials are completely free of any PHI/PII data.


To see our patented Cloning technology in action

Does Assima touch my production system in any way?

Absolutely not. We do not copy your application. Assima never touches your application source file or database. We change your user interface.

Works with following applications

(And a lot more!)

Assima works with IBM, Watson, SAP, WorkdaySalesforce, Oracle

We improve user performance and increase business efficiency since 2002.

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