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Let Assima train your employees remotely.

In these circumstances of adapting and adopting new business processes and rules, it has become even more important to give users the right guidance and information to succeed in their roles and responsibilities. Indeed, while this situation certainly brings some serious challenges, it also creates opportunities – such as properly training your employees on the software they use daily.

Like most companies still operating, you are probably facing a new reality – having most of your employees working from home.  We at Assima, are stepping forward to help by offering eLearning strategies to train your workers remotely. This will ensure that they are knowledgeable and aligned with the latest changes in your business procedures and governance. Assima has the ability to deliver the eLearning directly to your Learning Management System, or let employees access the lessons from the Assima platform.

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We have already helped several hospitals by providing them with relevant eLearning based on the latest Coronavirus procedures. It’s been particularly efficient to ensure that formal medical staff, brought back to the frontline, were educated and prepared to start working again, and are all fully aligned with the procedures of the hospital’s business system. The result is the hospital staff became quickly proficient in their use of the business software, giving them more time for patients and spending less time on computers.

Training doesn’t have to be exclusively for new employees or new software applications. See how our unique user adoption and training solution can help bring your employees to the next level:

  • Assima offers the only solution in the world that can create a replica of your system processes, making user adoption far more effective, easy and faster. This interactive simulation of your live system helps users learn faster in a “real” environment, without risk to your real data or for confidentiality and privacy.
  • Our Digital Coach assists your employees throughout their software journey by recommending best actions and reducing errors, and turns them into Super-employees, while reducing compliance risk, training time, and cost of support. It also removes the requirement for floor walkers, a role that cannot be carried out under current lockdown conditions.
  • Our collaboration platform facilitates communication across your company and centralises content authored for all your wider enterprise content. A web-based platform of users, roles, sharing and permissions allows you to architect, deploy, and govern your training and performance solutions, for all your business critical system rollouts.

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