The world’s only user adoption platform that creates an interactive, highly-realistic simulation of your system

Replace your expensive live training environment with Assima Training Solution that creates an interactive, highly-realistic simulation of your applications like SAP, Oracle, WorkForce, etc.

Trusted by half of Fortune 500 companies


Faster Training


Cost Reduction



Replace static screenshots with life-like simulations: Your users learn in a guided interactive simulation of your software that looks and feels like the real thing. Employees receive hands-on training without any risk to your production system and your confidential data.


Provide precise answers continuously on-the-job: Employees receive the right answers at the point of need via a Digital Coach. They move in your system confident that critical inputs are instantly double-checked. Reinforce best practices, prevent mistakes and reduce help desk calls.


Track your employees’ progress in granular detail: Gain full visibility over what each user is doing right and wrong while they practice – down to every field and click. This lets you pinpoint where training could be improved.


Anonymize your material in one go: Assima’s content authoring tool lets you remove sensitive data from your material in bulk – without going back to every slide.


To see our patented Cloning technology in action

Does Assima touch my production system in any way?

Absolutely not. We do not copy your application. Assima never touches your application source file or database. We change your user interface.

“We’ve saved £3 million by replacing our SAP training client with Assima, and that figure doesn’t even account for the fact that we need far fewer trainers now and that training is faster and more efficient.”

Andy Hurren

Head of Learning, npower

Works with following applications

(And a lot more!)

Assima works with IBM, Watson, SAP, WorkdaySalesforce, Oracle

We improve user performance and increase business efficiency since 2002.